Caveman Dirtbag Sponsorship

In May of 2016, Lucas began his trek along the Pacific Crest Trail and quickly earned the trail-name, Caveman. After a few hundred miles of hiking, Caveman asked us if we could make him a trail snack that would give him energy. With that request, Joe Chocolate Co. was born.

To honor Caveman’s tremendous journey, we established the Caveman Dirtbag Sponsorship. The CDS is a collaboration of outdoor-loving businesses focused on providing thru-hikers with the resources they need to successfully complete the PCT. Because a thru-hiker’s needs change with the climate and topography of the trail, we continually coordinate with our dirtbags, supplementing their trip with the cash, equipment, and provisions necessary to navigate each section of the trail.

This year we are proud to announce that the CDS will support four PCT thru-hikers with help from the following co-sponsors: Joe Chocolate Co., Lighthouse Roasters, Patagonia Seattle, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Arc’Teryx Seattle, Enlightened Equipment, From the Ground Up, Stehekin Pastry Co., and Nuun Hydration.

Each of our four dirtbags will be given $1000 cash, and 8 resupplies stocked with gear and food.

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“Most sponsorships aren’t like the CDS, I never felt like I was pressured to promote… the other hikers had a lot of respect for that.”

-Jamie/Stuck on the Ground

“The CDS was a big part of my successful continuous footpath between Mexico and Canada. I will forever be appreciative of what it did for me.”