Cases of Joe for Healthcare Workers

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Help us support our friends on the front-line by keeping them fed with much needed caffeine and chocolate. With your help we are shipping cases to our friends and family working like crazy in hospitals, urgent cares, clinics, and testing sites all over the United States.

All cases are reduced to our wholesale price + shipping which allows us to keep the lights on at JOE while giving our customers far more power in each dollar to support doctors, nurses, and healthcare faculty. Cases come in two configurations which we pull from our stocks at random (12 individually packaged 2.5 oz bags OR 25 individually packaged 1 oz bags). 

 Just pick a healthcare facility, add as many cases as you'd like to your cart, and we will ship our naturally caffeinated dark chocolate to those who need it most. 

Don't see the facility you'd like to ship to? email us at


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