Caveman (Lucas) and Oilcan at the PCT’s Northern Terminus

Caveman (Lucas) and Oilcan at the PCT’s Northern Terminus

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, we always felt a deep attachment to great local eats and exploring nature. During our undergrad years at the University of Washington, we tried our hands at a variety of technology startups before deciding we wanted to work with what we both loved most, food and the outdoors. 

In May of 2016 our close friend, Lucas, began a journey along the 2700-mile Pacific Crest Trail. With a few marathon days of hiking separating our buddy from the USA-Mexico border, we received a text message requesting a care-package of food to break up the monotony of protein bars and instant mashed potatoes. We hopped in the kitchen and combined two of our favorite ingredients, dark chocolate and ground coffee, figuring a sweet treat with a bit of caffeine might make a good hiking snack. Despite a lack of experience in confection making, the caffeinated chocolate was a big hit with our continent-crossing friend and his thru-hiking cohort. Each month the chocolate care packages got larger, the recipes more interesting, and the response more enthusiastic. We had found our niche.

What started as a trail snack for a hungry friend turned into an obsession with crafting naturally caffeinated dark chocolate to fuel any aspiration in life. Today Joe Chocolates sells throughout the Pacific Northwest and nationally with REI. Each ounce of Joe Chocolates is still handmade, naturally caffeinated with artisan coffee, and packs the energy of an espresso shot. Our team has grown from two food-crazed college friends to a team of chocolate-and-coffee aficionados working hard to spread the buzz about coffee-infused chocolate.

Joe Chocolates takes a slightly different approach with chocolate. Where many companies strive for complexity and elegance, Joe Chocolates focuses on simplicity, flavor, and functionality. We believe ethically sourced ingredients are the bare minimum, and are keenly focused on making superb, artisan chocolate that can play an integral and daily part in energizing anyones life. 

Have fun out there!


Co-Founders, Joe Chocolates Company